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Holux M-1000 Bluetooth GPS

Posted by Deliverator on June 18th, 2007

My Holux M-1000 Bluetooth GPS arrived today, mere hours after mentioning it in a post earlier today. The eBay seller GPS4Evyone, from whom I have purchased four GPS devices has consistently had fast shipping. I was, however, displeased when I opened the package and discovered that it did not include a wall charger and usb charging cables, as described and pictured in the auction, but simply a car charger. The manufacturer’s packing list doesn’t list these as shipping standard with this model, but the seller’s auction does both in “included in the package” and by pictures. I have sent two emails today asking to be shipped the promised wall charger and usb cable. So far I have not got a response back. I don’t particularly need either, as I have plenty of USB cables and the Holux appears to charge just fine using a standard USB mini cable, but it is the principle of the thing. If I don’t get a response back within a few days I will be forced to leave bad feedback for the first time in my eBay history.

eBay recently added an interesting and much needed new addition to the feedback system which lets you leave anonymous numeric ratings on various aspects of a transaction without fear of reprisal. Future buyers can see the average rating of a seller, but the seller has no way of seeing individual ratings and thus cannot engage in “mutually assured destruction” type behavior. A very interesting twist on ye olde Prisoner’s Dilemma.

I left the Holux charging this afternoon using the cigarette lighter adapter and a 12v bench power supply. This evening, I took the Holux out for a walk around my hill. Before I had even left my yard, the Holux already had a solid fix on my position. This was by far the fastest “cold start” or “time to first fix” which I have experienced with a GPS. The Evermore DL200BT on the other hand took several minutes to get an initial fix, by which I was several blocks away from my starting position. Also unlike the Evermore DL200BT, which required careful hand holding (to keep the integral patch antenna facing skyward) just to keep a useable number of satellites locked, the Holux unit quickly locked onto 8 satellites from within the breast pocket of my jacket. The unit kept between 7 and 9 satellites locked throughout my entire walk, which impressed me greatly, as my usual walking path takes me through several areas where I am surrounded by tall pine trees and other substantial obstructions to line of sight. Equally impressive was the unit’s accuracy. While the DL200BT struggled to simply show me walking on the street and not through someone’s backyard, the Holux unit consistently showed me not just what side of the street I was on, but that I was walking alongside of the street/on the sidewalk. It was easy to identify when I crossed a street to the other side as well.

Maemo Mapper - Holux M-1000

Quite simply, the Holux M-1000 is the most impressive GPS I have used to date and is an absolute bargain at around $50.