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Oww, or I am a whiny bitch

Posted by Deliverator on June 24th, 2007

The whole “sleeping at normal hours” bit has been particularly not working for me of late. Around 3am this morning/night, while laying in bed and failing at the whole sleep thing, my body decided what it really need were some deep fried cheese sticks. I figured as long as I was awake, I might as well try and kill two birds with one stone and try to wear myself out while pursuing cheesy goodness. I got dressed, downloaded some Podcasts onto my N800, put on my jacket and filled its pockets with my vast array of gadgets and walked down to Jack in the Box on Old Main in downtown Bellevue. By the time I made it to Jack in the Box, my feet were feeling a bit tired, but I was confident I could make it back home. I felt I had earned my cheese sticks. For confirmation, I had Maemo Mapper calculate my trip distance thus far; 3.15 miles. I went ahead and ordered a small coke and a chicken burger as well. I hadn’t really earned those yet, but hey, I had the whole way back to work them off. Shortly after swashing down the last drop of Atlanta’s finest, the heavens chose that convenient moment to let forth The Deluge and the yellow taxi cab that had been loitering in the parking lot the entire time I was there, decided it had better places to be.

I went outside and stood in the shelter of the building’s awning for a while, hoping the cab would come back. It didn’t. I stood for a while longer hoping the rain would stop or at least diminish. It didn’t. I finally said to myself “Whats a little rain?” and proceeded on foot towards home. A couple blocks later, I was what I casually refer to as “soaked”. Up until now, I have considered being soaked to be a binary condition, either you are or you aren’t. On my way home, I discovered that there are many degrees of being soaked and will have to invent a new vocabulary of soakedness, kinda like Eskimos having many words to describe the types/qualities of snow. This is very much in line with Seattle’s reputation as a particularly rainy place. I am sure there is a t-shirt design in there somewhere, but I digress.

Needless to say, the way home was not fun. My clothes and shoes got seriously water-logged and began to chafe in uncomfortable places (what is a comfortable place to chafe?) and I am sure to get a few blisters from wet socks which I would not have had walking in dry socks. Additionally, wet clothes weigh a lot which is adding insult to injury given that the way home is up the side of a steep hill. I finally got home, stripped off my wet clothes, took a very hot shower and slipped into bed, exhausted. I still can’t get to sleep, which is why I am writing this entry at 6:33 am. I walked 6.44 miles in all. I did get my cheese sticks though…

This entry is also my way of noting that my cousin Carolyn is today swimming 2.4 miles, biking 112 miles and running 26.2 as part of Ironman Coeur d’Alene. Carolyn Graham, you are a Masochist (and a Ironman to boot) and I am a just a whiny bitch with a belly full of cheese sticks. Go Carolyn!

P.S. Carolyn finished her Ironman with an overall time of 12:45:35. Sounds like the weather was bad for her too.