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2007 Sovren Vintage Car Races

Posted by Deliverator on July 3rd, 2007

Car with a Face

This past Sunday, I attended the vintage car race down at Pacific Raceways, formerly known as Seattle International Raceways. I have attended this event a number of times in the past and had a great time every year. The 3 day event is put on by the Society of Vintage Racing Enthusiasts, which does a great job of luring a broad spectrum of vintage cars and their owners to put the pedal to the metal for the benefit of uncompensated care at Children’s Hospital. Some of the cars that you see on the track are worth upwards of a million dollars and their owners race them for all they are worth! I have seen more than a few rollovers accidents over the years.

This year’s event was quite enjoyable, with a lot of obvious improvements to the raceway facilities since the last time I was there. The owners are planning on an extensive renovation to the tune of $135 million dollars, which will greatly improve the facility. Of particular interest to me are the planned tunnel systems and bridge, which will allow all areas of the track to be accessed, even during the race. Currently, one has to cross between races. Due to the distances involved, that often means one has to leave one’s present location before the end of a match in order to cross over before the beginning of the next. Once a race has started, one is stuck and there aren’t good bathroom and vending facilities near most of the better outlooks for the curved areas of the track (which are to me the most interesting). It also looks like they will be adding bleachers at my favorite overlooks. There are also plans to build a NASCAR capable track to the facility using solely private money. I don’t care for NASCAR, but I find this option far more palatable then using public funds to give a handout to the already wealthy France Family by subsidizing a facility near Bremerton.

Anyways, I had a lot of fun at this year’s event. As has been my experience from past years events, my usually pallid outer integument has taken on a shockingly red cast and is painful to the touch. I will be staying indoors until I am done molting. I won’t be posting any pictures of myself, but here are some of the cars.