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Posted by Deliverator on February 12th, 2005

I am finding the evening news more and more comical of late. In particular, I have really started to notice the appaling number of “stories” culled directly from Blogs. I remember during the first Iraqi war, The White House was mocked for getting a good deal of its “intelligence” from watching CNN. Now, when I watch CNN and recognize where a lot of the source material is coming from, I am forced to wonder whether George Bush is making world altering decisions based on what an Anonymous Coward posted on Slashdot or BoingBoing! For CNN and whoever else might be reading, here is some news from my life:

  • I have been quite busy of late. Between my day-job doing consulting as Base 10 Computers, editing video for my Video 210 class at BCC and working with kids from my high school Alma-Mater on Tyr, the Titan Robotics Club‘s entry into this year’s First Robotics competition. Specifically, we are entering the Pacific Northwest Regional, a competition we have done very well in, in the past. We would have liked to go to the national competition as well, but didn’t have the money. If you would like to help sponsor the TRC and help expose kids to science and engineering, you can learn about making a tax-deductable donation at this page. Prospective donors, both corporate and individual are welcome to come see the TRC kids in action, not to mention Tyr at one of our thrice weekly build sessions!


  • Ryan and I went and bummed around on Capitol Hill for a few hours last night. We got a bite to eat at Dick’s and then walked along Broadway and Pine. I wanted to stop in at Confounded Books to see if they had any of Neil Gaiman’s graphic novels, but they were closed. Luckily, I was able to find a few on eBay, cheap. Afterwards, we went to Gasworks Park. Some fraternity from the UW was there sliding down the hill on blocks of ice. Ryan took some long exposure night shots on his Canon Digicam while I checked out the new Seattle Wireless provided Wifi on my Jornada 720. Node Aeries was too weak to be useable, but I was able to get online via what I presume was Node Dexter. Anyways, we both had a lot of fun and the whole evening only cost us about $3.50 each.