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Worst Movie Evah!

Posted by Deliverator on August 10th, 2007

The #1 worst movie of all time according to IMDB is Bratz and you can catch it live in theaters this weekend! At the time of this writing, Bratz has a staggeringly low 1.1 rating. Strangely, there appears to be a second entry for the same movie at IMDB, which has managed a much more respectable #43 place on the list, sandwiched between such classics as ED (about a monkey which plays baseball with Matt Leblanc), Kazaam (Shaq as a genie) and Baby Geniuses (the title says it all). The film isn’t fairing much better at Rottentomatoes, garnering a 9% rating from critics. Sadly, given this film’s target audience and the amazing power of whiny children, a whole lot of adults are going to be bodily hauled to seeing this film this weekend, so in terms of gross ticket sales, this film might actually be a success. If you are just examining financial considerations, even with relatively low gross ticket sales, given the film’s likely rock bottom production costs, this movie will probably do alright and won’t be making anyone’s worst box office bombs list. The undisputed worst bombing movie of all time (in terms of gross ticket sales) remains Zyzzyx Road staring Katherine Heigl, which earned $30 nationwide at the boxoffice (granted it was only released in one theater). Katherine Heigl of course went to star in one of the top grossing movies IN THE SAME year, Knocked Up. This is all by way of saying the movie industry is kinda fucked up.