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Posted by Deliverator on September 25th, 2007

I finished Bioshock today in one long marathon session where I played through the last 4-5 levels straight with only short bathroom & drink breaks. I managed to get through the game without harvesting any of the Little Sisters and thus got The Good Ending. I beat Fontaine/Atlas on the first try, albeit with barely any health left. I think I would have preferred a bit more extended/challenging final fight to make taking down Fontaine a bit more satisfying. The final fight is more or less a straight run and gun in a big arena setting, which will present little challenge to the experienced FPS player. I would have preferred having to evade Fontaine’s attacks and somehow use the environment to weaken him to the point where his ADAM could be harvested. All in all, though, Bioshock is a MOST satisfying ride with dynamic gameplay and a great backstory. I haven’t felt this immersed in a game since my battle with The Combine on the streets of City 17. HIGHLY recommended for FPS fans.