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Posted by Deliverator on September 28th, 2007

In what is probably my last hardware purchase in a while, I went ahead and purchased a factory refurbished Shuttle SN25P small form factor case/motherboard from Shuttle’s eBay store. I’ve come to respect Shuttle’s well designed and well ventilated small form factor systems over the last few years and have used them extensively as home theater and point of sale boxes for clients. I had a number of fairly high end parts left over from recent upgrades to my main box, Deliverator, and decided to put them to good use rather than leave them to languish in a drawer. Despite warnings that refurbished systems might contain scratches or slight dents (which made me instantly conclude that I would be receiving a unit with a side caved in), I received a unit which pristine cosmetically and has functioned flawlessly thus far. The well packed box I received came with all original driver cd’s, manuals, cables, etc. I’ve always felt a bit wary about refurbished products, but Shuttle did a bang up job.

Installation of the CPU, memory, hard disk, DVD, etc. was all made relatively painless thanks to Shuttle’s well written manual. Shuttle uses some proprietary “tool-less” brackets for mounting hard drives and cd-roms and their heatsink retention bracket is a bit finiky, so plan to spend a little time with the manual on this one. In the end, though, I had my new box up and running in short order. I plan to use it to replace my current secondary box Spareparts, which is getting a little long in the tooth for the duties I place upon it and also takes up far too much space on my crowded, though ginormous desk.

The new shuttle box to which I am giving the Neil Gaiman inspired name Secundus should be more than up to the task. It is powered by a AMD Athlon X2 dual core 2ghz processor, 2 GB of ram and a PCI-Express Nvidia 6800 GS graphics card. Hopefully it will give me many good years of secondary use and not die an early death like its namesake :)