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2008 FIRST Portland Regional – Day 1

Posted by Deliverator on February 28th, 2008

Been a busy day here at the Rose Arena. Some team members were at the arena by 7:45 this morning for the deboxing of the robot and are still here tweaking code, tightening bolts and tucking away loose cables. After a couple false starts during practice matches this morning, the drive, build and coding teams seem to have gotten a handle on things and have deemed the robot competition ready. As such, I am dropping my own private codename for the bot (Tulip…don’t ask) and have started mentally referring to it by its recently christened name, Mnemosyne  (aka this robot comes from our memories of what we have done well and not so well). Qualifying matches start tomorrow with the playoffs and championship matches on Saturday. The TRC faces some very stiff competition this year. Team 378 from Hawaii and Team 360 in particular have constructed some very high scoring bots. I don’t think Memnosyne is directly competitive with their’s, but barring mechanical failure I think we have a pretty good chance of getting into a competitive alliance for the playoffs.

Internet access is still a bit of an iffy proposition here, but I have managed to upload some pictures of today’s events.