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2008 FIRST Portland Regional – Day 3

Posted by Deliverator on March 1st, 2008

Today is the final day of competition here in Portland. Everyone is pretty tired after a couple hard days and sleepless nights, but everyone is in good cheer and looking forward to the day’s events.


  1. Titan Robotics now has its own Youtube Channel, appropriately named TitanRobotics, complete with trimmed versions of yesterday’s Robocam videos.
  2. The TRC won its first match of the day and lost the second. One more qualifying match before Alliance selection and the playoffs.
  3. In the final qualifying match of the day, the TRC’s alliance defeated its opponent to claim the #7 seed. The TRC finishes the qualifying matches having won 7 matches and lost 1, although our official record only reflects 6 and 1 as we were chosen as a “filler bot” for one of those matches (mentioned yesterday). Alliance selection is occurring now!
  4. The top seeded alliances basically picked each other, moving us up to 5th seed from 7th. After a poor showing by STAMP in picking a team number that didn’t exist, TRC 492 ended up forming an alliance with teams 1983 and 2130. Everyone is now breaking for a quick lunch and discussion of strategy with our alliance partners followed immediately by the playoff matches. The top 3 seeds are going to be very, very tough this year. Teams 368, 2046 and 100 in particular have built absolutely outstanding robots and are partnered with strong alliance partners. Our best shot at winning imo is to simply out drive our opponents and keep them away from the two trackballs, which they need to utilize in order to outscore us. If we can keep the balls on the ground and away from our opponents, the game reduces to one of laps and penalties. If we can drive fast, defensively and penalty free, we have a shot.
  5. The drive team did an excellent job of keeping the opponents away from their trackballs in our first quarterfinal match. This left our alliance partners free to score and thanks to some severe penalties against the other side, we won our first match 38-0. The playoffs are double elimination, so we will be facing the same alliance again shortly.
  6. We were declared the winner in quarterfinal match two and we were busy celebrating when 15 minutes later the arena announcer reversed the ruling and declared the other team the winner due to a mis-reporting of penalties. Rather than going on to the semi-finals, Alliance 5 will have to play a run-off match to decide the winner.
  7. Alliance 5 was eliminated in the tie-breaker match. Our partner 1983 broke down prior to the match and team 835 was automatically brought in to fill the space. 835 is not a hurdler, which didn’t fit well with our overall strategy. On top of that, our bot would not move an inch until about halfway through the match. Play was suspended for quite a while a few matches prior due to a field malfunction and I am unsure whether the same issue cropped up here. Between the match result reversal and the inability to effectively compete in the tie-breaker, it was a disheartening way to end a tournament. I was very pleased with the way the drive team made the best of the robot’s capabilities and played some awfully scrappy matches to get this far. We will be back again in the not to distant future for the Microsoft sponsored Seattle regional.