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Our 1.5 robots

Posted by Deliverator on March 20th, 2008

As mentioned earlier, the TRC spent some time between regionals designing and fabricating a completely new mechanism to go on top of the robot’s drive train. After a great deal of assembly work, with everything screwed down to a forklift pallet instead of the robot, the mechanism is nearing completion. We were able to test it on the practice field here and it not only hurdled the ball over the goal structure, it cleared the field entirely and hit the wall in back of the field. It was mighty impressive to watch. If anyone in the world needs a good siege engineer, the TRC will consider all offers! The ball launcher is easily the most powerful one here at the competition. Unfortunately, we are down to less than 2 hours working time with less than an hour tomorrow before our first match.

A few not so minor details such as a improved release mechanism still need to be improvised. Then, comes the small matter of removing the substantial existing mechanism from the robot and mounting and wiring up the new mechanism, switching and testing the robot code to control the new motors and whatnot and then go through inspection. In short, it is extremely doubtful that this could happen without missing a few qualifying matches. Showing up with an impressive robot later in the day might garner us some support, but is not likely to make us any friends if we don’t show up for a match. My personal opinion is that they should play tomorrow with what they have and then switch the mechanism at the end of the day or wait until after the season and then mount the mechanism. It would make for a very impressive robot for public demonstration purposes. Watch as the robot picks up a 40″ diameter ball, winds up and then hurdles it 40″ through the air!

Anyways, my laptop battery is almost dead, so I will sign off for now.