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2008 Seattle FIRST Regional – Saturday

Posted by Deliverator on March 22nd, 2008

TRC won 2 matches and lost one this morning. One loss and one win happened without us showing up (something I had feared). Getting the new mechanism working and getting the robot reinspected proved a longer process than the students counted on. We showed up for the third match though and played well, although the new shooting mechanism remained disabled for the rest of the tournament. The new dislodger worked quite well, however. We finished the qualifying match seeded 11th of 30 someodd teams. Because several of the top ranked teams chose each other, we ended up as alliance captain #8. We picked teams 955 and 2147 for our alliance partners. Lunch is finished and playoffs are beginning in a few minutes. More later.

Update: The TRC went on to win one match against the number #1 ranked seed, tie another and then lose the final two to get eliminated from the quarter-finals. In an echo of Portland, one of our partners suffered a catastrophic breakdown and couldn’t continue, so we called in a sub, which ended up being team 753. The replaced team, team 955, stayed on the field with us for the rest of the matches and was obviously lending a hand tweaking robots between matches. Thanks for being great sports 955! All in all, I am very happy with how the season went. Never before in my experience have the students been as directly involved in all aspects of club operations and the building of the robot. We finished strong enough at two different regional competitions to be an alliance captain. The drive team played some awfully scrappy matches, making good use of the robot they had, vs the robot they wanted. The team made an extremely gutsy decision to completely redesign the robot between the Portland and Seattle regionals and then worked methodically towards building their lightweight (24.9 pounds!) functional design. In 20 hours plus time in between matches in Tacoma, the TRC built nearly a completely new robot. I am extremely pleased at the teamwork displayed in the pits and the clear desire to realize their vision, even after recognizing that it likely wouldn’t be fully functional till after the competition. When FIRST has instilled in a team something other than the motivation of a quest for another shiny medal, then it has done its job.