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Gateway FPD2185W – Just Plain Dead

Posted by Deliverator on July 17th, 2008

As mentioned earlier, my Gateway FPD2185W stopped turning on due to the oft reported faulty capacitors issue. I was able to acquire replacement capacitors at Vetco, removed the old ones and used some solder-wick and a de-soldering bulb to remove the old excess solder. I soldered the replacement capacitors in place, reassembled the screen, hooked up the cables and gave it a go. The unit powered up and briefly flashed the gateway logo on the screen, but failed to get any further. I tried pressing the side control buttons, without effect. Only the power button yielded any change. I disassembled the unit, reseated all cables and tried again. Same result. I partially disassembled the unit again and applied power with the panel disconnected. I used a multimeter to check all the voltage lines going from the power supply PCB to the control board. The manufacturer thoughtfully labeled all the output lines with their desired voltages. The multimeter read all the voltages to be correct, so as best as I can tell, the power supply board is working properly now that the capacitors have been replaced. My running theory is that prior to failing outright, the power supply board with its lovely bulging capacitors fried something on the logic board. I am tempted to try and find a otherwise dead monitor of the same make and do some mixing and matching parts, but have already wasted too much of my valuable time already. I certainly won’t waste my money on future purchases from Gateway.

If someone needs a Samsung 21″ panel – model LTM210M2 in the near future, please contact me. The panel itself appears to be in perfect working order just the power supply/logic board may be at fault.