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Final Cut Killed My Inner Child

Posted by Deliverator on March 9th, 2005

I have been working on a team video editing project called “Smithee’s Lecture” for the last few weeks. It is a 24 minute short film that utilizes green screen and various compositing special effects. It has been a lot of fun as a project, but the last few days have been very frustrating and stressful (particularly in light of my other commitments). The only way to efficiently divy up this project was to assign people specific responsibilies/video segments. James, Amber and I all had our segments of the project finished last Saturday/Sunday, but the fourth member of our team (who reassured us that he was nearly done with his piece and was just polishing stuff up) suddenly stopped responding to emails. Tuesday morning, the date the project is due, the fourth team member (who I will no longer address by name) nonchalantly walks into class and tells us he has it mostly done and just needs some help ironing some stuff out. We take a look at his piece and it is a total *rough* cut. James had to work, so Amber and I have been working our asses off to get this thing done. Luckily, our teacher gives a 2 day grace period on large assignments. We were able to get a final master copy made by 9pm last night. Amber did a bunch of work on it during the day, making a spiffy trailer for our DVD. I have been working since 5:30 this evening on the DVD. iDVD 3 is pretty inadequate for the advanced stuff we wanted to do for the DVD, but we managed to hack it into doing more or less what we wanted. After several hours of transcoding, iDVD finally spit out the finished DVD at 11:05 pm. I still have to whip up a case label and an adhesive disk label to give it a professional spit and polish, so I am going to be at it for another few hours at least. Thankfully, I can do that stuff at home, so I can get out of this lab. For our final project, we are going to do a piece called “Final Cut Killed My Inner Child” :)