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Rome: Total Addiction

Posted by Deliverator on March 17th, 2005

So, I have been hearing that Rome: Total War is a pretty sweet game for a while now. I was down at Fry’s the other day checking out wireless security cameras for possible mounting on Tyr, our robot, while down at the National competition in Atlanta. I found a pretty nice system that should fit our needs for $99, a price that shouldn’t break our already miniscule bank. Anyways, Fry’s had Rome: Total War for $35, the cheapest price I have seen in a brick and mortar store, so I picked up a copy. I played it for 3-5 hours yesterday. Quite simply, it rocks! It does a pretty good job of blending turn based strategy with realtime execution of battles. You can choose to play the game strictly as a turn based strategy game (in some ways, strikingly similar to Civilization, but with very modern 3d graphics), or fight each battle for absolute control of your troops (which can often result in fewer losses than just having the computer resolve battles). I can tell that there is a lot of subtlety to both aspects of the game that I am not yet grasping or utilizing properly yet. I know already that this is one that I am going to be playing for a long time.