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WordPress 2.6.2 Upgrade and Fireftp

Posted by Deliverator on October 7th, 2008

I upgraded WordPress to the latest version, as the administrative dashboard has been nagging me for several weeks now to do so. I was going to use smartftp to do so, but found that even my downgraded version would no longer work. In my search for a decent free ftp client with which to replace smartftp, I came across fireftp, an ftp client implemented as a Firefox plugin. I gave it a whirl on some common ftp tasks and have not been disappointed thus far. I really like its straightforward, minimalist UI.


The price is certainly right, too. I really like software that doesn’t try to post-facto extort money out of me, by withholding all the data I’ve entered into it (unlike smartftp), so I might even donate to Fireftp’s most worthy cause of choice.

Anyways, if you notice any wonky behavior from the blog in the near future, blame it on free software and please contact me.