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Return to Chaos Manor

Posted by Deliverator on October 7th, 2008

It has been a pretty hectic week here. I just got back from a weekend in Portland. My brother flew to Portland from Cleveland for a visit with my folks and I, and to run the Portland Marathon. My brother has done a half length Ironman and a number of triathlons, but this was his first Marathon. Running long distances has been a little iffy for my brother after a knee injury a couple years back while on a bike trip with Ryan. He appears to have recovered from that injury completely, as he had no complaints about that particular joint after the race.

Scott finished the race with an official time (as recorded by an RFID tag) of four hours, 20 minutes and 55 seconds. He started out the race at a much faster pace, with time of under an hour fifty at the halfway mark, but slowed down in the second half of the race, which has some really brutal hills. It also rained pretty heavily and continuously during the second half of the race. I was pretty miserable just walking around in the rain, much less running in it. I managed to find an overlook of the finish line and got some pictures of Scott crossing the finish. A kind spectator held an umbrella over me for much of the time while I waited for Scott to make his appearance. Despite my best efforts, my camera gear and myself got rather soaked. I am very pleased at the considerable weatherproofing of the Nikon D80. Despite being utterly covered in water, it functioned perfectly at the required moment and seems none the worse for wear after a careful cleaning and inspection afterwards. I’ve had several other gadgets succumb to moisture over the years after being placed in much less demanding situations. Anyways, here is a picture of Scott crossing the finish line. A bunch more can be found at his gallery.

Scott Finishing Portland Marathon

I was able to work fairly effectively from Portland, thanks to my remote access client and judicious deployment of Remote Desktop and SSH, my Sprint EVDO card + Cradlepoint Cellular to WiFi router and my ever trustworthy Thinkpad. Seattle had a bit of a windstorm while I was gone and suffered some power failures. I had to walk some clients through controlled power downs of their equipment prior to failure of their UPS battery backup devices and then walk them through system startup procedures after power had been reliably restored. Despite my best efforts, I had a few messes waiting for me on my return.

Return to normalcy was further complicated by the arrival of a work crew this morning who are replacing the major of the 30+ year old windows at Marsh Manor with spiffy high insulating models. These new windows are quite spiffy. You can actually SEE through them. Installation of all these new windows has necessitated moving quite a bit of furniture, and in the case of my room/office, unhooking a great many cables. My room’s windows have been installed, but it is going to take 3-4 hours of effort to get everything back to some semblance of order. I expect to be hearing power tools for some time to come, which doesn’t make for a very conducive office environment in which to talk to clients. The noise canceling features of my Jawbone II Bluetooth headset have definitely come in handy. I would have put off some of my work today until tomorrow, but unfortunately that hasn’t been possible, as joy-of-life-eternal I start jury duty tomorrow. The last time I was called to serve, I served as foreman in a personal injury lawsuit which lasted two weeks. It was an interesting experience and one which I feel no particular desire to repeat. JOY JOY JOY