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The 21st Century Stops When?

Posted by Deliverator on November 2nd, 2008

Well, my special edition copy of Esquire’s 75th Anniversary Issue (with e-ink cover) has been updating its display continuously since I purchased it sometime around September 10th and shows no signs of stopping. I find it very impressive that a fairly large display can continue to operate for this long powered by only a half dozen coin cells. I’ve decided to start a pool for those wishing to guess when the display will finally run out of juice. The closest guesser without going over (Price is Right Rules!) wins the magazine.

I think there is huge potential for inexpensive low power displays, which has barely been touched upon at this point. One neat project which gives you an idea of the potential for this technology is Google’s Project Radish which was done as a 20% spare time project by a couple Google engineers.