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Bootup Freezing on Intel D945GCLF2 Motherboard

Posted by Deliverator on March 19th, 2009

I’ve had a small form factor PC on my desk since October, which I have used mainly for running long duration hard disk recovery utilities, various diagnostics and media encoding tasks, in order to keep my primary system free. This secondary box is based around an ultra cheap $80 dual core atom motherboard from Intel, the D945GCLF2. Outside of rather strict power supply requirements requiring me to run out and get a bigger case and power supply, this board has done just fine for its basic tasks – with one exception.

Virtually every time I’ve powered the machine on, it has frozen midway through the boot process of both Ubuntu Linux and Windows XP. Once I reset the machine after the initial freeze, it usually boots all the way just fine without incident. Once booted, I have no problems. I’d updated the bios several times over the last few months in hopes that one of the updates would cure this issue, to no avail. I updated to the most recent bios, version 150, today and my problems appear to be solved. I’ve cold booted the box a half dozen times into each OS without a single freeze. The bios revision notes for version 150 reveal a long list of fixes for freezing and various corruption issues. I’m honestly surprised that a board with this many software QC issues was put into retail channels, but at least Intel appears committed to rectifying the problems.

If you’ve been having any trouble with this board, I strongly recommend applying the most recent bios update.