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Titan Robotics @ Seattle FIRST Robotics Regional 2009

Posted by Deliverator on March 27th, 2009

Thursday – The core of the TRC showed up at Key Arena and got the base unpacked from the crate and got the pit area set up. This year, the rules allowed for a lot of work to be done after the official ship date, so we just shipped our base/drive train and retained our upper-works to tweak in the intervening weeks between the ship date and the regional competition.

The team built a spare base and mounted the upper-works on it, allowing the drive and programming teams to gain experience with the robot while practicing at this year’s Seattle area Joint Practice Field, a full scale regulation play field set up for the benefit of Seattle area teams. The downside to this has been that the team had a lot of work to do yesterday getting the upper-works remounted on the original shipped base and getting things tested and ready for battle. The team managed to pass the formal inspection process about five minutes before the pit closed at 8pm yesterday.

Friday – The majority of TRC members got the day off from school today in order to attend the competition. We have a pretty good & loud presence in the stands.

Qualifying Matches

QM 1 – The TRC narrowly lost its first match of the day 54-57, largely on human player penalties. The rules for penalties are extremely simple this year, with almost no possibility for penalties assessed on the actual robot. It is really painful to lose a match because an alliance partner’s human player hasn’t bothered to read the rules.

QM 2 – The TRC lost its second match in much the same way as the first, but by a much larger margin of 54 – 12 with 40 points of penalties assessed against our team’s alliance, again for breaking clearly stated rules regarding ball handling.

QM 3 & 4 – Didn’t see these ones as I was at lunch. We lost. Multiple partner penalties both matches. I don’t think it would have made a difference in either match, but the penalties are discouraging, as it makes the final score more heavily tilted than the actual game performance would suggest.

QM 5 – Our first win. No penalties. I should note that Jacob, our human player hasn’t elicited a single penalty yet. The open hopper design isn’tworking well for us, so the team switched to collecting just a few empty cells to be swapped for super cells. The roller mechanism appears to be working well and Paul’s autonomous code worked well, with the bot only getting scored on once during autonomous despite starting in the difficult middle position.

QM 6 – Lost 50-70ish in a penalty free match.