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Why I love IM

Posted by site admin on December 7th, 2004

Holinem12: How goes it?
Ryan McE: it goes
Ryan McE: but, lets say that f(n+1) = (f(n) + 2) * n
Ryan McE: I want a non-recursive function for f(n)
Holinem12: Oh god, you are asking ME to explain math?
Holinem12: Are you that desperate?
Ryan McE: yesah
Holinem12: I am the one who tried Linear Algerbra three times, remember?
Ryan McE: this isn’t actually linear algebra… I mean, its for the class, but this doesn’t use what we learned in there
Ryan McE: :-)
Holinem12: Does this have something to do with fibonaci numbers? I don’t know why that is stirring in my head, but the equations look similar to what I remember
Ryan McE: um, I dunno. Maybe. the way I arrived at this number is by calculating the number of floating point operations required to find the determinant of a matrix
Holinem12: So you want to find a simplified expression to estimate the computational cost of finding a determinant?
Ryan McE: yeah
Ryan McE: its related to n factorial, but its modified because of the +2
Ryan McE: that darned +2
Ryan McE: augh~!
Holinem12: Is this a homework assignment?
Ryan McE: its a project
Holinem12: Is it due tomorrow?
Ryan McE: Wednesday
Holinem12: Alex would almost certainly be able to come up with an answer in about a minute, but he is likely in bed by now. I could wake him, but his is a big curmogeny at the best of times….
Ryan McE: eh, it can wait :-)
Holinem12: Try calling him tomorrow at 4432196
Ryan McE: I’ll give it a shot if I haven’t figured it out with my group before then
Holinem12: Pretend you are a radio talk show and he will win a fabulous vacation to Swaziland if he gets the right answer
Holinem12: He will be so enthralled by the idea of going to exotic Swaziland that he won’t notice that the situation is absolutely preposterous
Ryan McE: haha
Holinem12: He will have blurted out the answer already and by the time he figures out your fiendish scheme, he will be listening to dial-tone
Ryan McE: oh sad