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Evercase E0528i Small Form Factor Case

Posted by Deliverator on May 6th, 2009

I shifted my Mini-ITX Intel D945GCLF2 Dual Core Atmo 333 motherboard into a new case yesterday. I’ve had a hard time finding a small form factor case for this board, as a lot of such cases have inadequate power supplies for the task. I made note of this in a prior post. The smallest case I could previously find locally to work with this dual core board was easily twice as large as the Travla C138 case which I had used with a succession of Via Mini-ITX boards. I like to keep the core of my workstation area at hands reach for the sake of efficiency and simultaneously keep as much bench space free of clutter as a workspace for projects. Having an overly large case for this secondary desktop was failing on both fronts.

I was in Computerstop yesterday and they now stock a tiny Mini-ITX case for $67 with a power supply which will power this board. Impressively, the power supply is sufficient to power a middle of the range Core 2. The case is made by a company called Evercase and is similar to model #e0258i. The case is similar in volume to the lilliputian Travla C138 although somewhat squatter with a larger footprint. I actually prefer this, as it provides enough of a footprint to place my LCD stand on top of it. The case comes with 4 front panel USB connectors and an audio panel. Like the Travla, you have to use a laptop optical drive and 2.5″ hard drive. My only problem with this case is that the faceplate is a bit tight around the optical drive bezel and wasn’t letting it open without assistance. I trimmed a little bit of plastic off the optical drive’s tray bezel using a file, but am still having trouble getting it to open reliably under its own power. I will try trimming a little more off to see if that provides adequate clearance. If you are building out a system around this case, I would recommend purchasing a slot loading optical drive to avoid this problem.