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Keeping the public informed on Swine Flu

Posted by Deliverator on May 8th, 2009

King County has a website to help the public track the spread of the swine flu virus in the county and provide prevention and care information. Unfortunately, it appears that someone editing the webpage transposed some recent figures in a way which downplays the number of cases in the county. I’ve seen the daily numbers cited in secondary media, so listing the proper numbers is important. Here is the message I sent them:

As of 8:22pm on May 8th your Swine Flu information page at:

lists 10 cases as confirmed and 56 probable. This appears to be the inverse of your detailed report at:

which reports 56 confirmed and 10 probable. The later seems to be the correct number based on the rising number of test confirmed cases listed on your page on prior days.