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Posted by Deliverator on April 17th, 2005

Today is the first day in a while where I haven’t had clients or other “must do” work. I slept late and spent a lazy morning putzing on various projects. I could have let it go like that all day, but I got motivated, instead.

I ended up calling around to a bunch of bookstores and found a copy of “Build an underwater robot…” (the book that I mentioned yesterday) at a store in Seattle. The book has significantly larger pages than I was expecting from pictures of the book that I had seen online. It is filed with wonderful diagrams and I think it is going to be a good resource when building the ROV. I look forward to reading it on the plane to Atlanta.

On the way back, I ended up driving by The Mac Store in the U district and decided to stop. I had never been to their new location. I spent some time checking out Final Cut Express HD, iLife 05 and the Mac Mini. Mac OS X 10.4 “Tiger” is coming out in a few days and a new version of Final Cut is coming out within a month, so it might be an appropriate time to get myself a Mac.

Afterwards, I stopped by Compusa to check out digicams. I am looking at a number of models in Canon’s Powershot line. I really like the S1 IS model. It is a bit bigger than I was originally planning, but it has a very nice body style that lets you get a real good grip on it. It would still fit in a jacket pocket, but would definitely produce a bit of a bulge. Some of its high points include a 10x optical zoom with optical stabilization, type II CF slot, pop out LCD so that you can “shoot from the hip” and from other odd angles, high quality movie mode, uses double AA batteries. The only major downside that I can see is that it is only 3.2 megapixels. I don’t plan on doing really large prints, so good optics are more important to me than megapixels. I am also considering the S300, S400, SD500 and A520 models.

While at the store, I picked up a beefy uniteruptable power supply from APC. I have been really pleased with my existing APC UPS, but I think the battery is close to being shot and I am placing a greater load on it (during transient conditions like turning on my laser printer) than it is really meant to handle. I also picked up a Jabra BT800 bluetooth headset for my phone. This one looks pretty neat on paper, but I haven’t had a chance to try it out. It has an adjustable volume slider, can be charged from a USB port and has a backlit LCD which displays caller id information when the phone rings and lets you choose whether to accept the call or not, without having to fish in your pocket for your phone. I will try to provide some more feedback on the UPS and headset in the next few days.

When I got home, the weather was really nice, so I washed the car and made preparations to change the oil in my car tomorrow (Once the driveway dries off). I am trying to do more of the basic maintenance on my car, so I bought some ramps to elevate the front end of my car and provide more clearance. I just hope that the bolt in the oil pan is positioned at the rear, so that the oil can drain properly with the front end elevated. Otherwise, I am going to have to figure a way to elevate the back end first. I replaced the windshield wipers and my dad used some sort of silicone based window treatment on the windshield. The water really spots up now and sheets off cleanly.