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Silverfir’s New Server – Minimus

Posted by Deliverator on September 23rd, 2009

As Ryan indicated, Silverfir has some big changes in store for it. Since July of 2006, has been hosted on a server dubbed Frankenputin. Frankenputin consists of a monster Compaq DL380 G2 server with a very nice raid card supporting two arrays comprised of a wopping 18 hard drives. It also has a RILOE (remote insight lights out edition) card which allows for local console access over a seperate IP. This allows an administrator to remotely hard reboot the machine, check the server’s hardware event log, etc. The original intent was to put the machine in a rack at a collocation facility, but we got $ stingy and lazy and ultimately dumped the machine in a spare bedroom at Ryan’s folk’s place. I am surprised this arrangement lasted for as long as it did, as Frankenputin continuously makes noise somewhat akin to a jet taking off. Frankenputin was, quite simply, too much server.

With Ryan’s recent move to California to work at Facebook, Ryan’s folks wanted to reclaim the bedroom. I had no desire to put up with Frankenputin’s noise or power needs at my place long term, so Ryan and I drafted plans to construct a quiet, low power replacement server which could be shoved into a closet at my place.

That server, which I have dubbed Minimus, is now hardware complete and is running alongside Frankenputin in my garage while awaiting final transfer of data and configuration by Ryan. Minimus is based around an ultra low power dual core atom 330 board from Zotac, 4 GB of ram and a OCZ Agility 64 GB SSD for the OS drive. It has a 500 GB conventional hard drive for web site storage needs and a 750 GB HDD for backup. It is running Windows 7 as a host OS (just because) and uses VMWare Server 2 to support guest OSes. Silverfir will be running on Ubuntu Server 9.04 as a guest OS. This arrangement will allow for super easy backups of the server and allow for web based management of the server on much the same basis as the RILOE card in Frankenputin.

I hope this arrangement will allow for as trouble free hosting of as Frankenputin. Only time, ultimately, will tell.