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Ugg talk pretty one day

Posted by Deliverator on April 26th, 2005

Today was my first full day back from Atlanta and I think the five intense days and sleepless nights I spent there are starting to catch up with me. After arriving in Seattle relatively early on Sunday (around noon PST), I kept expecting to fall over in a sudden attack of narcolepsy. Yet somehow, despite feeling exhausted, I couldn’t find sleep until around 11 pm. I slept the next ten hours straight and woke today in my usual incoherent, zombie like state. I went out for breakfast with my father and tried to hold up my side of the conversation. All day, whenever I spoke with someone, I felt like I was constantly searching for words, stuttering and blurting out unintended words with similar starting phonemes to the ones intended. I would instantly recognize my mistake and correct myself, but it was disconcerting. I ended up starting into the backlog of work and thankfully all my clients today we intakes, so I didn’t have to enter into complex explanations of computer issues or much of anything that would require me to use complete sentences. By noon I was feeling uncoordinated and very weary. This went on all day. It didn’t stop me from getting a productive day of work in, running errands and TRC business (major news coming shortly), but it made everything seem a little more needful of deliberate attention. Nothing seemed to come with grace, today. I think I really need to take a day off and rest, but as I am booked solid through Thursday, I will have to compromise by sleeping late tomorrow and waiting for the weekend to take some serious R&R.