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Retail therapy

Posted by Deliverator on April 28th, 2005

  • Got a Morex Mini-ITX case to replace my custom built project box in the car. If it doesn’t fit, I am going to either move the car’s amplifier to make room, or use the Morex case in the house for my media center PC, once I get the Epia MII motherboard.
  • Sandisk Cruzer Micro 512 MB USB Flash Drive – I previously used a 256 MB Cruzer Mini, which I liked very much, as it was about the only flash drive that you could purchase at the time that didn’t block adjacent ports. This one is even better, with an improved shorter design, hard plastic case and much improved lanyard.
  • Inova X5 flashlight. I have been wanting a good led flashlight for a while, as the cheap mag-light incandescent knockoffs that I usually use tend to go flakey at inconvenient times. This one uses 5 super-durable white light leds that will probably outlast anyone currently living. The flashlight can be set to always on, always off and momentary on modes and has a good lanyard, as well as a belt case. It is easily the brightest flashlight I have used, for its size.
  • Socket Communications Low Power CF Wifi Card – I got this to replace the tried and true Orinoco Gold PCMCIA card that I have been using in my Jornada. This new one protrudes much less than the Orinoco, making the Jornada much more pocketable. The site survey application is nearly identical to that used by the Orinoco, which makes me wonder if they use the same chipset. I haven’t had a chance to make range/sensitivity comparisons, but so far this new one is working well and it works with mini-stumbler, too. It is supposed to have very adaptive power saving, so hopefully this one won’t be as hard on the batteries. All in all, an excellent product and I am strongly considering picking up one of their bluetooth cards as well.
  • Generic 9 in 4 media card reader that fits in a 3.5″ drive bay. Haven’t had a chance to fool with this yet, as I need to modify a bezel to accomodate it. I strongly dislike the number of USB widgets that I end up having to plug into my main computer, so this should help rid me of those pesky wires.