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Carputer Revamp

Posted by Deliverator on April 28th, 2005

The car-puter revamp is underway. Today I:

– Picked up a Mini-ITX case today at Computerstop and mounted my existing gear in it. Computerstop also stocks Epia motherboards, but not the model I want. The case is manufactured by Morex, which is a pretty well known small form factor case manufacturer. The case comes with a small DC powered ATX powersupply (needs a regulated input, so inappropriate for my purposes) and a laptop style transformer to power the thing. I tossed both of these into the spare parts bin, as I am using my Opus PS. I think there may be just enough room to shoehorn the Opus inside the case, if I mount it upside-down to the cd-rom mounting bracket. Doing so will require drilling some holes and breaking out the tap and die set, so I put it off for now and instead just punched a hole in the side of the case to pass through the ATX power cable to the Opus, mounted in its usual external project box. The case comes with all the hardware necessary to mount a slim-line (laptop style dvd or cd-r drive) optical drive, including the adapter for the funky notebook connector on most slimline drives to convert it to using a standard 40 pin eide connector. It also includes a 40 -> 44 pin cable adapter for using notebook hard drives. All in all a very nice case, and quite an improvement over the old project box, which itself was a major upgrade from mom’s orange tupperware…

– Got a Holux GPS “mouse” cheap off eBay. This is pretty much a gps receiver built into a small waterproof puck that sticks to your car roof via a strong magnet. These things have a single USB cable leading from them which is used for both power and data. The puck shape with the single usb cable leading away makes them look a lot like a mouse, hence the name. This particular model seems to have gotten really good reviews and the price was most definitely right.

– Hoovered the inside of the car and scrubbed the floormats. I try to keep my car cleaner these days than pre-carputer. Nothing worse than finding a french fry stuck in fan.