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Posted by Deliverator on May 6th, 2005

Got a hold of the print schedules for SIFF yesterday. I spent a few hours last night picking 30 or so films that looked at least somewhat interesting. I spent a few more checking out websites and reviews and am attempting to cull my list somewhat. I still have to make a spreadsheet that shows the time & place where all these things are scheduled. Alex and I have tried in the past to pick movies that we both enjoy, but also an overall schedule that isn’t too frenetic. The first year, we ended up having a few days where we would see 3 movies in a single day and that was a bit much. I try to mix movies that I think I enjoy with those that present opinions or viewpoints that I might not agree with. In such cases, I have found it helpful to give myself a bit of a breather between films and let things germinate a bit. I think Alex likes to do the same. Last year he wanted to impose a rule to emphasize the international nature of the festival, namely that we not see more than one movie from each country. Anyways, Alex, Ryan and I have all started going over the catalog and I think we are planning on meeting Sunday evening to hash things out.

I got off to a pretty late start today, getting up at around 11:30. I had a rather late night and was tossing and turning all night due to some strange nightmare or another. Morpheus, king of dreams, has not been kind to me of late.

Craig, owner of silent world, sent me an email with updated contact info for Dave Hancock. Dave is agreeable to providing us with some GPS coordinates of Lake Washington wrecks. I am feeling pretty good about the number of marine industry contacts I am making. Even though not many have expressed interest in outright cash donations, I think the contacts are going to be worth their weight in gold in logistical terms. Tomorrow I am hosting the first build meeting at my house. Hopefully, by the end of the day we will have a frame built.

I stopped by Schucks Auto today and picked up a mechanic’s manual for my car, as well as some misc. carwash stuff. The manual seems to be pretty thorough and I hope to put it to good use in doing more of my own maintenance. Another tool I would like to pick up soon to assist me is an OBDII reader. There are a couple companies with bluetooth based readers now, which would save me some wiring, but they are rather expensive at this juncture. I think I will probably just get the $70 one from Scantools(.net, .com?).

After Schucks I headed into Seattle and camped out at Top Pot across from Cinerama. I am going to try and pick up some tickets to Star Wars and might go see HHGTTG there tonight with Ryan and some friends of his from Ultimate. Either that, or we will see it at Neptune in the U district. The donuts at Top Pot were excellent, but the bottom of the pot, end of day coffee left much to be desired. I am sitting outside on a rather large tree burl, as Top Pot closed at 7pm. Their wifi however is alive and kicking and I am sitting here hammering this entry out on my Jornada.