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Posted by Deliverator on May 11th, 2005

Speadsheet Updated 05/13 to Reflect Best Available Data

A great weight has been lifted from my shoulders. The schedules has been finalized and tickets purchased. I will post the schedule here shortly for those that were interested in purchasing singles. I ended up getting a 20 pack and four singles to be split between Ryan and I. Some of the movies we wanted to see weren’t eliigble for inclusion in the 20 pack, as they were classified as special events. So, I had too purchase those singly. It was still cheaper to get the 20 pack than the rest as singles, so I picked up some extra tickets to a few movies. In addition to the official SIFF screenings, we are starting the festival off with Star Wars at Cinerama. If I do my math right, I will be seeing 13 movies between May 20th and June 9th. Ryan will be seeing 8. There are a number of movies that I would have liked to see at the end of the festival, but I am taking the red-eye flight to Minnesota to see Scott graduate. I certainly hopes he appreciates the sacrafice I am making ;)

Siff Schedule Spreadsheet